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    Working With an Eye Doctor in Fairfield, IA, Can Benefit Your Vision in Many Ways

    Vision-related problems are a common issue affecting millions of people worldwide. Managing them requires understanding various treatments and their many benefits. Thankfully, we’re here to help! At Axis Vision Care, we provide an eye doctor in Fairfield, IA, that you can trust for your vision concerns. In addition, our team of professionals is ready to help you see better for the foreseeable future.

    Common Vision Issues

    At Axis Vision Care, we know that many types of vision problems can impact Fairfield residents unexpectedly. These problems can occur out of nowhere or take years to develop. Some might only cause minor vision changes, while others can potentially cause blindness. Thankfully, we’re an eye doctor in Fairfield, IA, who understands how to manage the following issues.

    Refractive Errors: The Most Common Vision Problem

    Everyone’s eyes have different shapes inside the head, and these changes can affect your vision adversely. For example, refractive errors refer to various issues caused by distortions in your eye shape. For instance, myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness) occur due to eye shape changes.

    However, some people may also experience astigmatism or distortion at all distances and presbyopia that causes a struggle to focus on close-up items. These issues can worsen with time, making it very hard for many to read or live their lives. Thankfully, Axis Vision care can help with all of these concerns.

    Macular Degeneration: A Common Age-Related Condition

    Many people visiting an eye doctor in Fairfield, IA, may hear the term “age-related macular degeneration” or AMD tossed around a lot. This problem occurs in people as they age and is caused by damage to the blood vessels around the retina. These can cause problems in one or more eyes.

    AMD can be both dry or wet, with the latter causing bleeding and scarring around the eyes and wavy vision along straight eyes. By contrast, dry AMD causes blurry central vision, progresses more slowly, and causes 70-90% of all AMD. With our help, you can manage both times quickly and effectively.

    Cataracts: A Heavy Risk for Complete Vision Loss

    Cataracts occur in millions of people annually and are one of the most common causes of blindness. They’re a clouding of the eye’s lens, making it impossible to see through it. Treatment is often extensive and requires removing the cataract from the eye and replacing the lens.

    Though this surgical treatment might seem frightening, it is very effective and happens millions of times yearly. It is one of the best options for people with vision problems and can ensure that your cataracts don’t rob you of visual acuity or even blind you for years to come.

    Other Conditions You May Experience

    At Axis Vision Care, we can also help with common vision problems like:

    • Diabetic Retinopathy – A common diabetes symptom that can cause blindness by damaging the blood vessels in the retina.
    • Glaucoma – A buildup of fluid pressure inside of the eyes that can result in vision loss and even permanently blind a person.
    • Amblyopia – A condition that occurs when the brain doesn’t provide enough support for both eyes, causing one to be weaker.
    • Strabismus – An imbalance in the eye’s positioning that can cause them to look in different directions and trigger problems with depth perception.

    Read on to learn more about how our eye doctor in Fairfield, IA, can help you manage these vision problems for you or your children.

    Ways We Can Help You

    Axis Vision Care is one of the most trusted options for an eye doctor in Fairfield, IA. That’s because we have diverse treatment options that can manage many concerns. We’re also very trustworthy and put our patients’ health first to ensure high-quality care. Our treatments include:

    • Vision exams that can track your eye health and its development
    • Glasses and contacts that can correct many vision problems and help you see better
    • Vision therapy programs that can help with focus and other related issues
    • Other care options that can help enhance your vision and improve your life

    Our goal at Axis Vision Care is to provide comprehensive help for your eyes and improve your overall visual strength. We’ll track all of your eye concerns, provide unique treatments that make sense for you and give you the help needed to manage whatever vision problems come your way. That’s our promise to you.

    Do You Need Help?

    No matter what kind of vision problems you experience, Axis Vision Care is here to help! We are the most trusted eye doctor in Fairfield, IA, and we understand the full scope of potential vision concerns. Our team of professionals can handle many health concerns and provide the help you need to see better. Talk to our team today if you want to improve your vision.

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