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Pediatric Eye Exams

As every parent knows, healthy habits are best learned early in life. Vision problems can go unnoticed for years, affecting a child’s development. To avoid that, bring your youngsters in for a full pediatric eye exam! Our friendly optometrists will make sure that your child gets the best care possible, catching any problems while they’re easy to solve.

To make eye exams more accessible to families, Axis Vision Care travels to local elementary schools performing free pediatric eye exams for every child in need. We make it easy on your child, and easy on you!

Contact Lens Exams

Not keen on wearing glasses? Contact lenses might be a more convenient option! Stop by for a comprehensive contact lens exam, during which our optometrist will take the necessary measurements and help you choose the type of contacts that best suits your lifestyle while correcting your vision.

In case you’ve never worn contact lenses before, there will be a period of adjustment. That’s why we schedule follow-up appointments during which you can tell our optometrist about the comfort levels you’re experiencing.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic retinopathy is a common condition among people with diabetes, causing progressive damage to the blood vessels in the retina.

To catch these issues early and prevent any possible complications, schedule your diabetic eye exam today.

Glaucoma Testing

The leading cause of blindness in people over the age of sixty, glaucoma damages your optic nerve, gradually worsening vision.

At Axis Vision Care, we specialize in glaucoma testing and treatment, working to prevent or mitigate damage as well as correcting refractive issues. Find out what treatment options are best for you by scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists.

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