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    How Eye Exams With an Eye Doctor in Washington, IA, Can Help You and Your Children

    When was the last time you visited your eye doctor in Washington, IA? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been longer than you want to admit. That’s understandable but problematic because regular eye exams can help you and your children in many ways. Understanding the many benefits of this process (and the treatments we can provide at Axis Vision Care) can improve your eye care and ensure that you and your children are safe.

    Reasons Why You Need Eye Exams

    Visits with an eye doctor in Washington, IA, should be as common as any other medical care you receive. Yearly eye exams are beneficial, but some may even need them more often. That’s because an eye exam can spot many potential vision problems and help you in unexpected ways. Here are a few reasons why you need to schedule an eye exam for yourself and your children today.

    They Help Children Do Better in Their Classes

    If your children struggle to see correctly in school, their grades will suffer. Thankfully, our team of professionals understands this problem and is here to help you! High-quality eye exams can diagnose vision issues with your children and help them understand why they can’t see properly. This benefit is huge because it can help you get them fitted for glasses and see better during their classes.

    Vision Problems are Very Common

    Problems like myopia and hypotropia are pervasive in both young children and adults. Often, these issues worsen as a person ages and can be hard to track over the long term without eye exams. Thankfully, working with an eye doctor in Washington, IA, can help you get regular exams to spot these problems and ensure that you spot and treat these issues ASAP.

    Eye Exams Can Spot More Serious Concerns

    As a parent, you might feel like a school’s vision screening is enough for your child’s eye care. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. They can spot obvious vision problems but often miss more severe eye diseases that require an eye exam to manage. An eye exam is more than just a vision test but a complete medical examination of your eyes that will spot more pressing concerns.

    Glaucoma Can Be Hard to Detect Without Eye Exams

    While glaucoma might not seem all that common, it is often a hard-to-detect disease that can cause real vision damage and pain as it develops. Unfortunately, many people don’t know they have it until they’ve developed permanent vision loss. Regular eye exams can spot symptoms of this condition in you and your children and ensure you get treatment ASAP.

    How We’ll Follow Up on Your Eye Exam

    At Axis Vision Care, we can provide the high-quality eye exams you need to minimize your vision concerns. We’re an eye doctor in Washington, IA, that is skilled at identifying problems like glaucoma and myopia and will provide care for you and your children. With our help, you can improve your vision and stop these problems before they become too damaging. Just a few care options we can provide include:

    • Glasses Assistance – Many of the most common vision problems, like myopia and hypotropia, require glasses to manage. Our team of experts can identify the best lenses for your needs and make choosing a frame easier. We’re not happy until you and your children have the glasses you need.
    • Contact Fitting – Contact lenses may be a great alternative if you don’t like glasses or your children feel uncomfortable wearing them. Contact lenses fit directly on the eye and provide vision improvement like glasses. In addition, they’re often a more stylish alternative to glasses that many children enjoy using.
    • Vision Programs – Our vision programs can help with many common eye-related concerns and make it easier for you to focus. Just as significantly, they can help your child see better and improve their performance in school: a significant benefit that can enhance their life in the long term.

    So, if you need an eye doctor in Washington, IA, that can help with your vision problems, Axis Vision Care is here for you. With our team of professionals, we feel confident in providing the focused and effective treatment methods that you need. In addition, we’ll not only schedule regular eye exams for you and your children but provide other help that will enhance your vision and make your life better. That’s our promise to you.

    Don’t Neglect Your Vision Needs

    By now, it should be clear that regular eye exams are critical to your healthcare needs. However, if you or your children experience any vision problems or haven’t had an eye exam in a long time, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Axis Vision Care immediately. Our team of experts can give you an in-depth vision exam and detect any potential problems affecting you. We’re an eye doctor in Washington, IA, that you can trust to provide high-quality care.

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