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    Different Types of Exams Your Eye Doctor in Williamsburg, IA, Can Provide For You

    An eye exam is one of the most important methods available for protecting your vision health. Without regular examinations, it’s easy to miss problematic eye concerns, and experience worsened vision. Thankfully, our team at Axis Vision Care understands these issues and provides multiple exams for our patients. If you or your child need help with an eye exam, our experts are here to provide the assistance you need.

    Standard Eye Exam

    When visiting your eye doctor in Williamsburg, IA, you can receive a standard eye exam to spot general vision problems. These include concerns like myopia, hypotropia, and more. Spotting these issues early can make your treatment more effective and minimize long-term complications.

    If you get diagnosed with these conditions, you might schedule a more frequent eye exam with your doctor. For instance, quarterly visits may help gauge treatment success and provide you with the help you need to recover. Just as significantly, it can minimize any long-term vision concerns.

    Even better, you can schedule these examinations before any significant events in your life, such as starting a new job or getting an excellent driver’s license. In this way, you can make sure that you manage any potential issues that may affect your life, such as requiring glasses or contact lenses to drive.

    Pediatric Eye Exam

    Your children deserve a high-quality vision exam that can spot potential eye problems early in their life. At Axis Vision Care, we can provide the help that you need. We’re a diverse eye doctor in Williamsburg, IA, and we work hard to provide the attention all of our clients need to thrive.

    Our team can provide a comprehensive vision exam to identify early problems in your child’s life, such as symptoms of myopia. However, we can also help your child get treatment for lazy eye and other common health issues that affect children very young in life.

    Your child probably needs more common eye exams than you because they’re still developing. One exam every three months is probably a good idea while they’re growing. If, for any reason, you can’t get your child to your exam, understand that we offer a unique school-based program in the area.

    Our vision doctors visit schools throughout the region annually to provide free vision exams. These include local elementary facilities where vision exams are likely harder for families to afford. We provide these exams because we genuinely care about the community and its many young ones.

    Glasses and Contact Lens Examinations

    Does your child complain about struggling to read in school, or do you feel your vision is a little less sharp? Glasses or contact lenses may be needed. Thankfully, Axis Vision Care is an eye doctor in Williamsburg, IA, that can help you find the high-quality care you need.

    We’ll examine your vision to see what kind of lenses you need. These will vary in power based on your vision concerns. Then, we’ll help you decide whether glasses or contact lenses fit you best. Some people do well with one type over the other and need specialized assistance.

    For instance, contact lenses are a good choice for those concerned about losing or breaking their glasses. However, they’re a little harder for people uncomfortable working with their eyes. We’ll discuss all these concerns to ensure you understand what is available for you.

    Then, we’ll fit you with an option that suits your needs. Our team works with many brands and will ensure you find frames you enjoy for your glasses. Beyond that, we can help you better understand how to put contact lenses on your eyes to improve your vision.

    Diabetic and Glaucoma Eye Exams

    When working with a trusted eye doctor in Williamsburg, IA, getting checked for other potential vision concerns is vital. For instance, diabetes and glaucoma can cause severe vision problems that may even potentially trigger blindness if these issues are left unchecked.

    Thankfully, our team at Axis Vision Care can provide the help you need to diagnose these conditions. For instance, we’ll check the blood vessels in your eye for damage if you have diabetes. We’ll let you know if we spot any problems and devise a treatment plan that makes sense for you.

    Meanwhile, we can also provide checks for eye glaucoma pressure to ensure it isn’t affecting you. Our team of experts can then help provide you with treatments that prevent or decrease your glaucoma pressure to keep you from severe damage to your vision for years to come.

    We’re Here to Help

    With our litany of eye exams, Axis Vision Care is the eye doctor in Williamsburg, IA, that you need to keep your eyes healthy. Our team of professionals can help with these exams, provide general eye care, and improve your vision immeasurably. Ensure you contact our team of experts to learn more about your options. We’ll do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied.

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